New Discoveries

My Next Learning Project – Embrace Blogging

August 2014 – Last year I set up a blog for my students using Kidblog. We used the space to post student work, encourage writing among peers and communicate with parents about what was happening in our classroom. I didn’t know how it would fly considering the vast majority of my grade 4/5/6 students were at an emerging or developing literacy level. However, I knew it was successful the day one of my students came into class with a huge smile on his face and exclaimed, “Mrs. English check the blog, I did an entry from home!” He was one of my students who only wrote one or two words during writing time and was not in any way a risk taker. By the end of the year he was using his tools (personal dictionary, word wall, environmental print) to write one or two sentences independently.

If I am expecting my students to embrace blogging then I better be willing to put myself out there as well, so for the next year that is my challenge: To Embrace Blogging and to use this platform as a way to reflect on the learning happening in my classroom.


My Learning Project – Learning About Web 2.0 

February 5, 2012 – Over the next 52 weeks, I commit to spending at least 100 hours becoming more informed about web 2.0 resources and how I can use technology to enhance learning in my classroom.  Starting with a relatively blank slate, I will use this page to highlight some of the tools that I have explored.

  • Participated in my second Twitter chat room #whyschool
  • Created a wiki in Wikispaces for collaborating on a group assignment
  • Took an image off Flickr and created a five word story for the image
  • Learned about a website called “5 Card Flickr” for making a story using 5 randomly selected Flickr photos
  • Used a program called for adding post-it-notes to a bulletin board
  • Signed up for VoiceThread and took an online tutorial on how to use it
  • First time using the Elluminate Platform for a course/discussion
  • Signed up for a 10 week online book club to discuss The Connected Educator by Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach and Lani Ritter Hall
  • Participated in my first twitter chatroom with #ntchat
  • Signed up for TeacherTube
  • Discovered Youtube for Teachers and Youtube’s education section
  • Worked through the Connected Educator Month Starter Kit
  • Started commenting on other people’s blog posts
  • Personalized my Google Newsfeed
  • Made some order of my RSS feeds
  • Organized hashtags using Tweetdeck
  • Built a professional learning network using Twitter
  • Signed up for the self-directed Online Web 2.0 Tools Course with Powerful Learning Practice
  • Began using Delicious as a social bookmarking site
  • Discovered Glogster – a creative and visual way to document your learning
  • Prezi round two – kept it simple this time
  • Opened a vimeo account and shared a movie
  • Created an iMovie
  • Cmap Tools – concept mapping software
  • Embeded a Youtube video into my blog
  • Created a brochure using Word
  • Created a Wordle
  • Created a character using bitstrips
  • Played around with Prezi – first attempt ended in frustration
  • Created a blog and begin using it!

August 2014 – A side note about the success of my learning project, the learning did not end after 52 weeks. I only just got my feet wet during that time and have continued to build my skills and knowledge about web resources that will enhance my teaching.


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