Play #3 / #4 – My Personal Struggles with Blogging

Play #3 – Create a blog / Play #4 – Begin blogging!

These next two tasks were relatively easy since I already have a blog and have been posting reflections since February.  That being said, I don’t find blogging particularly easy and have had a number of struggles keeping my momentum going with my blog.

When I stop to reflect on why I have found blogging so challenging, I keep coming back to one factor: FEAR!  Why would I want to put my thoughts and opinions out there for the world to see?  What if someone doesn’t like what I write or outright disagrees with what I have to say?  Do I actually have views worth sharing?

In school I always struggled with writing.  I remember my grade 7 teacher giving me a hard time because I didn’t know what paragraphing was and in university I spent many a tearful night writing term papers.  Obviously I was a glutton for punishment because as  an Arts Major I had to write a ridiculous number of papers!

Memories of failure and frustration still haunt me as I hit the new post button on my blog.  Still I have tried to persevere because I know great learning happens when you choose to step outside your comfort zone. Last week I discovered another blogger, Stephanie Rivera who wrote an excellent reflective piece titled “How Social Media and Blogging Changed My Life”.  Stephanie talks about the important role blogging played in helping her to find her voice and how empowering it was once she identified the true purpose for her blog.  Reading her piece helped me gain the confidence I need to just get blogging.

Why should I blog and what purpose do I want it to serve for me? For me blogging is a way to overcome some of my fears of writing, to provide a forum for me to reflect more deeply on some of the issues that I am passionate about in education, to discover how I might be able use blogging as a way to encourage my students to write and to connect with other educators around the globe.  The thoughts that I express here are my own and I am no longer afraid to put them “out there” for people to like, dislike, share, or just ponder over.

“So often, I think, we as women stop ourselves from trying because we don’t want to risk failing.  We put such a premium on being approved of, we become reluctant to take risks.” – Arianna Huffington



About Barb English

I am a curious soul and lifelong learner who is currently employed as a teacher in a Special Education classroom with the Calgary Board of Education.
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